Custom Black Nylon (50 Pack)

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Qty 50. Santo Custom Black Nylon available in 0.8 mm (thin), 1.0 mm (medium) and 1.2 mm (thick). Includes laser etching (for complex graphics/logos) that adds extra gig grip!  Email us your band graphic/logo to chris@santoguitarusa.com. Free Shipping via USPS First Class. We usually deliver custom picks in 5-10 business days.

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We ship our picks for Free using USPS First Class Mail without tracking information.


Nylon is difficult to get good contrasting colors because the base color is black and the material is difficult to get ink to adhere to it. We paint a white ink base and then add additional colos on top of the white. Nylon is the most durable pick material.

White Delrin. This material is easily colored with ink and lasers clean white. This material produces the best looking picks and the material is very durable

White and Black Celluloid. Celluloid is very durable but it is a mixture of recycled polymers and when burned with a laser it burns kind of brown (and stinks too when its burning!). But we can create some pretty cool contrasting color combinations. Celluloid is the most common pick material used today.

Clear Polycarbonate Lexan or PETG. This material is clear and very tough. We typically color it with several coats of ink and then it burns clear.

Exotic Ultem (Polyetherimide) is an epoxy type of thermoset polymer and closely resembles that of tortoise shell. The material natural color is amber and we custom carve these picks and ink and laser them with a black/white/orange color.